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Keeping Physical Retail In-Stock

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

The State of Retail RFID - Keeping physical retail viable requires increased focus on both fast checkouts and products being in-stock, the two most relevant components of positive customer experiences. Check out the Future of Retail.

Data “At The Heart” Of Retail IT Transformation

submitted by Jim Roddy

Data was front-and-center at the 2018 Retail Realm Conference starting with keynote Balaji Balasubramanian of Microsoft. “At the heart of the (retail) transformation is accessibility to data. Make sure you have unified data in one place in an understood format that you can build applications on.”

STORE Conference 2018 – Has Technology made us more Human?

submitted by Kevin Graff

Retailers that embrace technology to improve the customer experience and improve the training and development of their staff will be the ones who prevail.

12 Eye-Popping Quotes from RetailNOW 2017

submitted by Jim Roddy

I’m sorting through my notes and Twitter feed from #RetailNOW2017, held Aug. 6-9 at Paris Las Vegas, and noticed tons of quotes I think you’ll find interesting and insightful.

What I Learned From 3 Great Shopping Experiences

submitted by Kevin Graff

Often, our blogs talk about what’s broken in retail and how to fix it. But let’s turn the tables for this posting. I want to share three recent shopping experiences that were all great, and that were all built on a common theme.

Hey District Managers. Check it out – this one’s for you!

submitted by Kevin Graff

The role of the District Manager is probably the one that can affect sales the most out of any other role in a retail organization. Think about it. An under-performing region can greatly affect the bottom line of a company.

The New Sensormatic Global Retail Shrink Index Revisited

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

In 2017-2018, global retail shrink was $99.56 billion. Covering 14 countries representing 73% of global GDP and 80% of global retail sales, this research is the authoritative document on worldwide loss prevention trends. This post focuses on my two favorite charts from the entire study.

7 Can’t-Miss Education Sessions at RetailNOW 2018

submitted by Jim Roddy

With apologies to the presenters not mentioned in this article, here are 7 “can’t-miss” education sessions for resellers and ISVs at RetailNOW 2018, scheduled for Aug. 5-8 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville.

Big boxes are building small stores – How small is too small?

submitted by Chris Petersen

The retail transformation to omnichannel challenges the basic concept of a store as a destination to purchase. The consumer quite literally has become the POS, which requires retailers to reexamine right sizing stores.

Even This Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

submitted by Kevin Graff

Thirty years into this business. Consider how we might all put on the ‘blinders’ after spending so long doing something. It’s not unusual to think you have the right answer to almost everything. Success breeds confidence. You just have to make sure that confidence doesn’t get in the way.