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Use the Spirit of Christmas In Your Store!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Here we are, just 11 'sleeps' away from Christmas day. How have sales been in your stores so far this holiday selling season? Hitting your targets? Celebrating success? But, ask yourself a bigger question: Do you have the Christmas spirit yet? Does your staff? How about your customers?

Collaboration: A Technology Retailer Perspective

submitted by Chris Petersen

The future of retail is not just online. The most powerful customer experience is omnichannel.

5 Things You Need To Do Now To Drive Holiday Sales

submitted by Kevin Graff

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost here. Are you ready to make this a great selling season? There's no reason why you can't sell more! Here are 5 things we think you need to get on top of right now if you haven't already...

Special Report: POS Resellers Fear Losing Independence as Payment Orgs Acquire ISVs

submitted by Jim Roddy

The most discussed topic in the point of sale channel during Q4 2017 has been ISVs being acquired by payment processors. To better understand how these moves impact our channel, Vantiv conducted a survey of resellers who had at least one of their ISVs acquired in 2015. Access that study here.

Um…What the Heck Are You Doing In the Backroom?

submitted by Kevin Graff

Managers...your job is all about driving sales and service through your staff. If your customers are on the floor and your staff is out there with them, don’t you think that’s where you should be too??!!

Collaboration: A Worldwide POV from a Brand Perspective

submitted by Chris Petersen

To achieve customers' demands for a seamless experience will require collaboration across the ecosystem.

Are Small Retail IT Resellers An Endangered Species?

submitted by Jim Roddy

Based on some of my recent phone calls and discussions at the ScanSource Global Partner Conference (Nov. 7-9 in Greenville, SC) and the Retail Realm Conference (Nov. 12-14 in Las Vegas), I’ve got a mammoth question to drop on you: Are small POS resellers an endangered species?

The 2018 Definitive Retail Success Formulas

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

"Step with care and great tact, and remember that Shopping's a Great Balancing Act." Understand first your unique value propositions in the retail model spectrum. Find your technological link to personalized communications with the consumer. Prepare to pivot to new technology platforms

Happy (almost) Black Friday Selling!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Now’s the time (more than ever!) to keep everyone’s eyes clearly focused on their targets. But how do you do this? Try the following...

What is your purpose?

submitted by Chris Petersen

Purpose is like the DNA of a business, and underpins all the strategic decisions which an enterprise makes. This is Careem's purpose: "To simplify and improve the lives of people, and build an awesome organization that inspires." Everything is built round this.