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Retail Merchandising: How Do You Sell Slow-Moving Stock? (A Chat with Christine Guillot)

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Dealing with slow or dead stock? Here are some proven merchandising techniques to help you sell slow-moving inventory.

Reality Check: You Lost A Lot of Sales This Holiday Selling Season

submitted by Kevin Graff

The much-anticipated holiday season has now come and gone. Biggest selling opportunity of the year, right? How did you do? How close did you come to capturing the potential that walked through your door every day? If you’re honest with yourself, most of you will admit too much business was lost.

6 Things You Can Do To Combat Rising Minimum Wages

submitted by Kevin Graff

Across most of this country (Canada, that is) and many parts of the world, minimum wage rates are going up drastically; in many places by as much as 30%. That’s a big chunk out of anyone’s bottom line. Here are 6 solutions you can consider adopting to combat rising minimum wages.

The Future of Retail: 5 Types of Stores That Will Dominate Main Street

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Brick-and-mortar isn’t dead—it’s evolving. Sure, traditional shops may be in the decline, but in their place we’ll see other “breeds” of stores that are equipped to keep up with the new shopping habits of consumers.

Global Powers of Retailing 2015, Embracing Innovation

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

From Deloitte, one of my favorite annual reports providing global economic / retail industry trends and the latest ranking of the top 250 worldwide retailers

7 Common Types of Retail Customers (and How to Sell to Them)

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Here's a list of the most common types of customers retailers can encounter, along with some tips on how to approach each type.

Bebe Optimizes The Online Shopping Experience With Qubit

submitted by Alicia Fiorletta

For bebe, a women’s contemporary fashion retailer, e-Commerce currently accounts for 15% of topline and 25% of domestic retail revenue, according to Erik Lautier, EVP and Chief Digital Officer. To drive engagement online and continue this relationship across channels, bebe focuses on personalization

Fueling the Promise-Making Machine: Considerations to Ensure Your Brand Delivers

submitted by Mike Wittenstein

With almost 2 decades in experience design, Mike stands out in the customer experience space for his holistic view on building valuable experiences.

This interview first appeared on www.delight.us, in January of 2013. Mike was interviewed by Katie Del Angel, a content strategist at ISITE Design.

Place: The final frontier … They can “see” you now!

submitted by Chris Petersen

Knowing when, where and how people move through "Place" is a huge benefit to retailers and space managers. Consumers can also benefit with a better experience, but there are some trade offs as well.

Is the Company’s Loyalty to the Customer Temporary?

submitted by Shep Hyken

I’m frustrated that a customer may show intense loyalty to a business, and that business may reciprocate with appreciation, until there is a change of circumstances that causes the customer’s buying habits to change – none of which have to do with doing business elsewhere.