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Alibaba one-ups Amazon by building a mall for retailers!

submitted by Chris Petersen

Future of retail success is literally being created around new ways to meet consumer expectations.

The 2018 Definitive Retail Success Formulas

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

"Step with care and great tact, and remember that Shopping's a Great Balancing Act." Understand first your unique value propositions in the retail model spectrum. Find your technological link to personalized communications with the consumer. Prepare to pivot to new technology platforms

12 Eye-Popping Quotes from RetailNOW 2017

submitted by Jim Roddy

I’m sorting through my notes and Twitter feed from #RetailNOW2017, held Aug. 6-9 at Paris Las Vegas, and noticed tons of quotes I think you’ll find interesting and insightful.

I Never Thought I Would Agree With Trump!

submitted by Kevin Graff

I was going through the newspapers the other day, reading what the press was saying about retail. It hit me then, for the first time ever, that Trump might actually be right about one thing: Fake News!!

Get Out Of Your Own Way To Succeed

submitted by Kevin Graff

There’s no doubt if you’re reading this, you’re one of those people that really does want to succeed. There are countless numbers of external challenges you face and have to deal with every day. But, the biggest obstacle most of us face is staring at us every day in the mirror … ourselves!

‘Brick mining’: Why a need for data led Fabletics to open stores

submitted by Laura Heller

There's a good lesson here on new ways to use stores to drive business across channels.

Are You Diligent in Holding Your District Managers Accountable?

submitted by Kevin Graff

In the retail sector, we’re pretty good about holding our store managers accountable. We crank out all kinds of objectives and measurements to make sure that each location can ‘hold its own’ as a separate business unit … and heaven help the Store Manager who isn’t up to snuff!

Kick-Start Holiday Sales With A Staff Contest

submitted by Kevin Graff

If you want to kick-start your holiday sales, develop and launch a sales contest that will get your staff’s attention and produce solid results. Sound easy? It’s not! To drive success on the sales floor, your contest must follow these important guidelines...

Collaboration: A Worldwide POV from a Brand Perspective

submitted by Chris Petersen

To achieve customers' demands for a seamless experience will require collaboration across the ecosystem.

Cycle Counting 101: A Retailer’s Guide to Partial Stock-Takes and Inventory Accuracy

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Having trouble maintaining inventory accuracy? Doing regular cycle counts could solve your issues. Learn more in this post.