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2017 Is Going To Stink!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Yep. 2017 is going to suck. OK, not for everyone. But, certainly for a lot of retailers. Why? Well, far too many brick and mortar retailers still haven’t recognized that the in-store experience matters more now than ever before...

7 Reasons why traditional retailers are struggling to survive

submitted by Chris Petersen

Freud's definition of insanity is doing the same things over again and expecting different results. Doing more the same better won't be enough! Retailers need to rethink and reorganize their business from the inside out.

How Did You Make Your People “Feel” Yesterday?

submitted by Kevin Graff

As we prepare for our upcoming 2-Day Advanced District Managers Leadership workshop, I cannot help but think about the question that I am continually asked in regards to getting an entire store or region to do exactly what they are supposed to be doing with commitment and passion.

5 Key distributor opportunities in an omnichannel world

submitted by Chris Petersen

Why this is important: In order to survive and thrive, retailers are transforming to omnichannel. That will require new capabilities from distributors to in order to meet consumer expectations of more product choice and delivery on their terms.

Five things to look for next week at NRF

submitted by James Bickers

The BIG Show is bigger than ever, so where do you begin? Start with our checklist of five things to look for at retail's biggest gathering.

How Frustration–Through Design–Became Market Leadership

submitted by Mike Wittenstein

I went to visit the new Atlanta PIRCH store in Buckhead, near Lenox Square just a few weeks ago and I was blown away by the experience. With 20 years of customer experience under my belt, it takes a lot to impress me.

Want to kick-start your holiday sales? Add some fuel to the selling fire!

submitted by Kevin Graff

If you want to kick-start your holiday sales, develop and launch a sales contest that will get your staff’s attention and produce solid results. Sound easy? It’s not! To drive success on the sales floor, your contest must follow these important guidelines...

5 Ways Omnichannel is destroying the auto “retail store”

submitted by Chris Petersen

Omnichannel is driven by changing consumer behavior patterns, and how they disrupt every facet of traditional retailing. Woe be it to stores that don't realize that omnichannel is the new normal, even for car purchases.

Five Global Ingredients Driving the Age of Disruption – Part 2

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Welcome to a transformational 2017 were the recipe for success will require navigating geopolitical risks, an ever faster new technology pace, new data economy business models, mobile connected savvy consumers, and all of us being able to shop will we drop.

Pop-ups: How temporary storefronts are changing brand loyalty

submitted by Laura Heller

Pop-up shops are among the most buzzworthy retail opportunities of 2015. The idea of placing a shop within a shop is not new—department stores have been doing it for years as a way to highlight new designers and collections. But the pop-up of today has evolved into something far more sophisticated.