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The Surprising Benchmark for the Future of Retail

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Welcome to Dubai or as CBRE calls it, the key stepping stone for international brands entering the Middle East. Over the next three years, more than 1.5 million square meters of new retail space could be delivered to the Dubai market, adding roughly 50% to existing inventory.

Lessons from the front lines: inside a Communication Workshop

submitted by Jim Roddy

I’ve peered inside businesses large and small, and the only org I’ve seen that had everyone on the same page was when I was a self-employed sole proprietor. And that communication Shangri-La lasted only until I hired my first part-time employee.

Forget About The Money … and You’ll Have More Of It

submitted by Kevin Graff

We’re working on a couple of very interesting and fascinating projects lately. What’s resonated the most with me about these projects, is likely the most important selling lesson possible. Let’s face it, making sales is essential.

5 Ways Clever Retailers Can Maximize Profit on Everything They Sell

submitted by Editor

Your profit margin is a metric that should always be on your radar, and for good reason: it answers critical questions about your business, like whether or not you’re making money or if you’re pricing your products correctly.

What Retail Sales Associates Still Do Better than Websites

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

From Harvard Business Review, the five valuable roles that store associates can deliver in a consumer tech savvy internet of things shopping experience.

Don’t Get Left Behind: 6 Ways Retailers Can Adapt and Evolve along with Customers

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

The retail landscape is currently in massive flux. Customers’ buying habits are evolving as new technologies emerge, and neighborhoods are being re-shaped by new ways people are living their lives. To achieve retail success, merchants must learn to roll with these changes and capitalize on them.

Retail Round Up: 6 Merchants Who Got Into the April Fools’ Spirit

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Here are some of the best April Fools’ jokes from retailers. For the most part, they’re fairly obvious and were clearly made all in the name of good fun, but we heard that one joke in particular seriously fooled a few people. (Try to guess which one was it.)

Modern Shoppers: What Makes Them Tick and How to Win Them Over

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Achieving retail success isn’t just about rolling with the changes, it’s also about preserving the things that customers love. In this post, we take a deeper look at both the changes and constants surrounding modern consumers and offer recommendations on how to stay competitive.

75% of retailers will ID shoppers at the door

submitted by Laura Heller

By 2020, nearly two-thirds of retailers say they will identify shoppers by their smartphone as they enter a store. There are plenty of barriers to achieving this goal, but is it inevitable?

Can traditional retail survive the pending FANG attack?

submitted by Chris Petersen

In the unfolding "Clash of the Titans" we are witnessing unprecedented change that will disrupt the very foundations of traditional retail. The "e" in ecommerce today literally means how to connect with consumers everywhere.