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How to Prevent and Handle Robberies and Theft in Retail

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Are you equipped to handle retail theft and robberies? These things can happen unexpectedly. Here's how to ensure you don't get caught off guard.

The Asia Digital Retail Technology Revolution

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

This past week had to pleasure of speaking at the Retail Risk Conference in Singapore. The customized presentation was an opportunity to reassess the state of Asia in the global retail economy. A great retail future ahead.

The Value Of Experience Design Improvement Is On The Rise

submitted by Mike Wittenstein

In the last decade, many brands have used customer experience processes and perspectives to complete corporate turnarounds and experience make-overs. Some have seen their fortunes rise. Some have even stayed at elevated levels. They all use the six customer experience pillars.

After 30 Years in Retail, Here’s What I Know For Sure

submitted by Kevin Graff

Team Graff Spotlight: Mary
As we busy ourselves with all the prep for RCC’s STORE Conference, I found myself going down memory lane, back to the first STORE Conference I ever attended. That’s when I did the math and realized, this is my 30th anniversary of working in the retail industry!

Can any traditional retailer survive the “Battle of the Bots”?

submitted by Chris Petersen

Nothing is fair in love, war or retail. Amazon and large retailers are deploying technology that makes it impossible for many retailers to compete. To survive, tomorrow is "day one" to find something to differentiate value.

The ultimate retail disruption – Consumers are the new POS

submitted by Chris Petersen

Armed with smartphones, consumers have literally become the point of sale. Yet, retailers are still trying to herd them through checkout lanes. How retailers adapt to consumers as the POS is a key predictor of who will thrive.

Retail Advice from Real Merchants: What 7 Storeowners Wish They Had Known When They Started Out

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

We asked a handful of storeowners to share the best piece of retail advice they'd like to impart to others. Check out their words of wisdom in this post.

One of the greatest misses in omnichannel retailing today …

submitted by Chris Petersen

Rich content goes beyond the "product". It has the capacity to powerfully engage consumers at a personal level, showing us why products are useful, and how they fit our lifestyle. Best part, it can be tested and measured!

What are YOUR Expectations for the Fall Selling Season?

submitted by Kevin Graff

Frustrated because you can’t seem to hit your targets? Disappointed because it often seems like your staff just doesn’t get it? Tired of banging your head against the wall? Before you jump all over your team, ask yourself ... “How clear have I been in communicating performance expectations?"

Retail Staff Must Read: Team Shares Top Lessons, Takeaways From “Raving Fans”

submitted by Jim Roddy

As part of a company's professional development program, I recently discussed with their staff the customer service classic "Raving Fans" by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. I'm happy to share the group's four "golden nuggets" with you.