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5 Ways Omnichannel is destroying the auto “retail store”

submitted by Chris Petersen

Omnichannel is driven by changing consumer behavior patterns, and how they disrupt every facet of traditional retailing. Woe be it to stores that don't realize that omnichannel is the new normal, even for car purchases.

Five Global Ingredients Driving the Age of Disruption – Part 2

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Welcome to a transformational 2017 were the recipe for success will require navigating geopolitical risks, an ever faster new technology pace, new data economy business models, mobile connected savvy consumers, and all of us being able to shop will we drop.

Pop-ups: How temporary storefronts are changing brand loyalty

submitted by Laura Heller

Pop-up shops are among the most buzzworthy retail opportunities of 2015. The idea of placing a shop within a shop is not new—department stores have been doing it for years as a way to highlight new designers and collections. But the pop-up of today has evolved into something far more sophisticated.

Catching the Pokemon Future of Retail

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

The retail model is stale. Retailers are not keeping up with increasingly tech savvy mobile consumer. Pokemon Go demonstrates the powerful potential for brick-and-mortar resurgence at the intersection of new sensor technologies and nostalgia.

5 Ways to optimize customer experience in store and online

submitted by Chris Petersen

Retailers are still stuck in parallel ruts of optimizing separate businesses of online and stores. The reality is that what you and I really care about is the best way to find and purchase what we need, where we are, on a given day.

5 Things retailers can learn from booking a “smart” cruise!

submitted by Chris Petersen

Consumers expectations rise every time they have personal experiences which exceed the norm, and they bring those new expectations to retail with them. Retailers must now reach beyond traditional store design to start delivering personalized experiences that customers know are possible today.

The Three Keys To Retail Technology Success – Emerging Technologies from a Shopper Point of View

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

This month, First Insight published an interesting study on the evolving in-store technology customer experience and the mindset of the modern consumer. Following are some surprising shopper insights on the use of technology in retail stores.

Reflective Moments that Change Your Life

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

An Endless Curiosity Adventure in Florence and why it is the Secret to Success.

Stylematch Makes Street Style Shoppable With Stackla

submitted by Alicia Fiorletta

To acquire fashion inspiration, many shoppers turn to fashion blogs and user-generated content (UGC) featuring every day “street style.”

Stylematch has evolved into the ultimate source for all things fashion, including content, ideas and inspiration.

$1.75 Trillion in Retail Missed Opportunities

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

This seems to be the time to discuss trillion dollar opportunities. Order Dynamics just issued an IHL Group study titled "Retailers and the Ghost Economy: $1.75 Trillion Reasons to be Afraid." This week we will look at the retail missed opportunities from overstocks, out-of-stocks and sales returns