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Spotlight on Success … Retail Rock Stars!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Our VP, Linda Montalbano came back raving about two Managers from CANEX (a longtime client of Graff Retail) and we needed to find out why. Meet Nicole and G Money...

Do You Sound Like A Parent, Or A Leader?

submitted by Kevin Graff

As leaders it's important to understand what each person on our team values, irrespective of when they were born. Every generation brings strengths to the workplace and it's our job as leaders to keep everyone focused on one common goal.

Transforming A “Mechanical” Job Into An Inspiring Experience

submitted by Kevin Graff

Instead of focusing on what we wanted the staff to do and achieve, we focused on ‘Why’. Why the add-on was of such value. How introducing this item was truly going to benefit the customer. In fact, by ‘selling’ the item to the customer, they were actually truly helping the customer in a big way.

Who’s Leading Your Team in this Retail Battle?

submitted by Kevin Graff

With summer quickly coming to an end and we look ahead to the biggest, most important selling season in retail, we wanted to ask you, who’s leading your team to battle during this make-it-or-break-it time of year?

Lessons learned from two of the best brick & mortar retailers

submitted by Chris Petersen

Retailers can never afford to be complacent. However, Amazon is not the only model of success. The rest of retail would do well to study the critical success factors of those who are thriving today in spite of Amazon's growth.

What really gets in the way of training success at store level?

submitted by Kevin Graff

What does it take to roll out a great training program at store level? Better yet, what does it take to sustain one at store level? Do you have the answer on the tip of your tongue? Don’t fret, many retailers out there don’t have the answers either.

8 Great Email Marketing Building Blocks for the Retail IT Channel

submitted by Jim Roddy

A Vantiv/Worldpay partner recently asked me about the fundamentals of a quality customer/prospect marketing email, so I jotted down a few best practices and asked my LinkedIn connections to weigh in. The result of that effort is this list of 8 Great Email Marketing Building Blocks.

Being Empathetic Isn’t Being A Softy

submitted by Kevin Graff

Empathetic Leadership is the ability of leaders to understand, relate to and be sensitive to customers, their team members and even the communities they serve. That’s going to require a giant leap forward for some, but don’t worry, we can all do it. Consider the benefits of being more empathetic...

Why “the second sale” is more critical than new acquisitions

submitted by Chris Petersen

What gets measured can be managed and improved. Many retailers are failing to measure the second sale, and track the related customer variables to build lasting relationships that create lifetime value.

The Ten Most Valuable Global Retail Brands

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Future of Retail with the Top 5 Apparel, Luxury, and Technology Brands. The brand value of the retail sector rose 34% as e-commerce brands spiked in value and the category adjusted to disruption. See the Five Actions for Building & Sustaining Valuable Brands.