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Gender Transition, Mental Illness and Marijuana…OH MY!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Kevin said it best from the main stage at the Retail Council of Canada Human Resources Conference yesterday. “This is the Golden Age of HR in Retail.” If you missed the Conference this year, here a few things I learned...

The Leadership Void

submitted by Kevin Graff

Leading, not managing, is what’s needed to get sustainable results from your stores. Yet, rarely do retailers provide the Leadership training needed to their DMs, stores and even VPs. That’s the Leadership Void. And that’s why we're hosting the 2-Day Retail Leadership Summit in Toronto this June.

5 Top Themes for Future Retail Success – TCG Retail Summit

submitted by Chris Petersen

The paradox was that even though the focus of the conference was on technology retail, the innovations were less about applying technology to retail, and much more about how to engage today's omnichannel consumer.

Will the owner of this training program please stand up?

submitted by Kevin Graff

What does it take to roll out a great training program at store level? Better yet, what does it take to sustain a great training program? Do you have the answer on the tip of your tongue? Don’t fret, the majority of retailers out there don’t have the answers to these questions either.

Your Sales Plan Is A Curse

submitted by Kevin Graff

Every quarter they arrive like clockwork. Your sales plan for each month and week. Descending from upon high, they become the gospel upon which schedules, incentives and more are based upon. What you need to know is that more often than not, these sales plans curse you to a life of complacency...

Profits Are Hiding in Plain Sight!

submitted by Shah Karim

Profits seem to hiding in plain sight - even in the Gulf. To find them, management has to heed the call for tough actions during tough times. At times like these, businesses have to embrace decisions based on hard facts, and take actions grounded in reality.

Does Your Approach To Training Have The Human Touch?

submitted by Kevin Graff

Remember that people are more prepared to give a great performance if they feel valued, invested in and purposeful. The only way to deliver that feeling to people is through the human touch. Have you lost the human touch when it comes to training your frontline teams?

Like A Fine-Tuned Machine

submitted by Kevin Graff

I have to say, I’ve been in retail for over 25 years and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a store run so well. The trade secrets I’m about to share are not-so-secret. These are the basics that are so easily forgotten. It’s these basics that will ensure your store runs like a fine-tuned machine.

5 Things To Get Your Seasonal Staff Up To Speed

submitted by Kevin Graff

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we start to gear up for Christmas. A critical part of this process is hiring seasonal staff. The very thought of this is often enough to cause even the most experienced managers to break out in a cold sweat! But don’t worry … it’s all about ...

Complain. Complain. UNDERSTAND!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Why is it that when it comes to our front line staff, we spend more time pushing information and even less time listening?
Shouldn't we understand our staff as well as we understand our customers if we want to engage them?
Shouldn't we spend more time asking THEM questions?