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Customer Service, Recurring Revenue Highlight Smarter Payments Roadshow

submitted by Jim Roddy

I joined a five-person team from Vantiv Integrated Payments to host the Smarter Payments Roadshow in Boston (Oct. 17), Brooklyn (Oct. 18), and Philadelphia (Oct. 19). We shared with Vantiv partners insights on reseller best practices and details of Vantiv’s newest products and services.

What’s changing retail – Strategic distributor collaboration

submitted by Chris Petersen

The last mile is not optional. It is a requirement creating new levels of strategic collaboration across the retail ecosystem.

Successful Holiday Season Hiring – Not Sure Where to Start?

submitted by Kevin Graff

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we start to gear up for Christmas. A critical part of this process is hiring seasonal staff. Whether you need to recruit only three new temps or as many as seventy, it’s time for you to get moving right now. Not sure where to begin?

3 Gifts You Should Be Giving Your Staff For Christmas

submitted by Kevin Graff

My favourite season of retail is upon us. Now when I’m out in stores and see the beginnings of this awesome holiday start to pop up, I can easily identify the many “gifts” my dad gave to his sales team to set them up for success, not just at Christmas, but the entire year through.

9 Action Steps That Helped This Retailer Grow 250% in Three Years

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Want to grow your business? Learn the 9 steps that enabled this retailer to achieve 250% business growth in 3 years.

Four demands driving new levels of strategic collaboration

submitted by Chris Petersen

Retail will not be won by the best products or price. It will be won by those who collaborate to offer a better experience.

The Magical Internet-of-Things (IoT) Journey Is Just Getting Started

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

RFID - From Espionage to IoT Immersive Customer Experiences. Brands "are still in the product and service mentality rather than a service and frictionless mentality." The magical Internet-of-Things (IoT) journey with RFID as one of the technologies is just getting started.

I Never Thought I Would Agree With Trump!

submitted by Kevin Graff

I was going through the newspapers the other day, reading what the press was saying about retail. It hit me then, for the first time ever, that Trump might actually be right about one thing: Fake News!!

Alibaba one-ups Amazon by building a mall for retailers!

submitted by Chris Petersen

Future of retail success is literally being created around new ways to meet consumer expectations.

Retail Merchandising: How Do You Sell Slow-Moving Stock? (A Chat with Christine Guillot)

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Dealing with slow or dead stock? Here are some proven merchandising techniques to help you sell slow-moving inventory.