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A Great Way To Kick-Start Holiday Sales

submitted by Kevin Graff

If you want to kick-start your holiday sales, develop and launch a sales contest that will get your staff’s attention and produce solid results. Sound easy? It’s not! To drive success on the sales floor, your contest must follow these important guidelines...

A Sustainable Eclectic Inspiring Retail Fashion Brand Story

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Five Reasons FREITAG Epitomizes the Future of Retail. Retail inspiration can be found in every corner of the world and for this blog post we visit Switzerland. FREITAG is the quiet Zurich based fashion accessory brand selling over 300,000 of its unique products across the globe every year.

3 Gifts You Should Give Your Staff For Christmas

submitted by Kevin Graff

When I’m out in retail stores and see the beginnings of this awesome holiday start to pop up, I can easily identify the many “gifts” my Dad gave to his team to set them up for success, not just at Christmas, but the entire year through.

The Five Amazing Innovation Leadership Videos of 2018

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

The Internet, mobile and social media have forever transformed the distribution of viral messaging. No longer the best kept secret, at the center of successful communication is the medium of video. The five visual masterpieces are a reminder that this is the age to disrupt or be disrupted.

Successful Holiday Season Hiring – Not Sure Where to Start?

submitted by Kevin Graff

It’s that wonderful time of year when we start to gear up for Christmas. A critical part of this process is hiring seasonal staff. The very thought of this is often enough to cause managers to break out in a cold sweat! But don’t worry … it’s all about planning and execution.

The Miracle of Vulnerability

submitted by Kevin Graff

Whether you’re the President of your company, a territory manager, store manager or sales associate, the lesson here is to give up the ‘game’ so many play. The one where you have no fears, no uncertainty, and all the answers. You’re depriving yourself, and those you lead...

8 things you need to do now to be an All-Star this Christmas selling season

submitted by Kevin Graff

If you really want to be a retail ALL-STAR Store Manager, implement these 8 best practices today and you will notice successes in every area by Christmas…if not earlier!

Forget About The Money … and You’ll Have More Of It

submitted by Kevin Graff

We’re working on a couple of very interesting and fascinating projects lately. What’s resonated the most with me about these projects, is likely the most important selling lesson possible. Let’s face it, making sales is essential.

Smart Store Can You SEE Me Now?

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Frictionless secure commerce coupled with immersive customer experiences have been on my mind for some time. Engaging with an in-store geolocation security company and new updated data on internet connectivity, growth of smartphones, and the Internet of Things (IoT) inspired this post.

Stop reading this and take a “clarity break”

submitted by Jim Roddy

I just finished reading How To Be A Great Boss by Rene Boer and Gino Wickman and I felt super-compelled to share one nugget of advice from the book with all my friends in the retail IT channel. Take a “clarity break.” And do it ASAP.