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Staring Into the Auspicious Future of FaceID Technologies – The Surprising Global Forward March of Facial Recognition – Part 4

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

In this Part 4, we look at the growing list of emerging FaceID applications, introduce defeating technologies, discuss privacy, and close the series with insights on our digitally connected future. The genie on the potential disruption and business opportunities of face recognition solutions is out.

5 Things To Do NOW To Drive Holiday Sales

submitted by Kevin Graff

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost here. Are you ready to make this a great selling season? There's no reason why you can't sell more! Here are 5 things we think you need to get on top of right now if you haven't already...

It’s an Amazing FaceID Small World After All – The Surprising Global Forward March of Facial Recognition – Part 3

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

In Part 3, we focus on China. Read in this post about China installing over 600 million CCTV cameras, see the fining of jaywalkers through video, the pace of Asia digital retail change, and face recognition being deployed in 11,000 7-Eleven stores in Thailand.

It’s Almost Here…Happy Black Friday Selling!

submitted by Kevin Graff

At this time of year when things are so busy, there are all kinds of distractions that can cause both you and your staff to lose focus. What are we talking about here? Too many shipments, long line ups, sore feet, busy schedules, short tempers. Some tips on how to stay focused on your targets...

Face It Security Industry, More Technology Disruption Is Coming – The Surprising Global Forward March of Facial Recognition – Part 2

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

All industries including security are being disrupted by new multi-technology layered innovative solutions. Everyone is now fully aware that the future requires continuous fine tuning (often software driven) of business models to deliver immersive customer experiences. Your face as the passport.

The Surprising Global Forward March of Facial Recognition – Part 1 – Your Face is The Next Computer Cookie

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

In January 2018, in a D&D Daily "Live from NY" interview, we debated the impact of iPhoneX on FaceID technologies. This new Apple iPhoneX had just placed the disruptive future of facial recognition technology in our pockets. In Part 1 we discuss USA/UK retail trends and the face as a computer cookie

Black Friday countdown! 3 things to do NOW to prepare for success!

submitted by Kevin Graff

For just about every retailer, Black Friday is the holiday selling kick-off that we've waited for all year! Knowing that so many purchase decisions are made at store level, it's time to make sure everyone on the sales floor is at the top of their game.

Dispatches From a Retail IT Road Warrior

submitted by Jim Roddy

Over the course of four weeks this fall, I traveled to Cleveland, Denver, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and London, Ont., plus I conducted teleconference workshops with Worldpay partners in South Carolina, New Jersey, Toronto, and the Philippines. Here’s what I learned.

Drive Results This Week … 7 Proven Ways!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Anxiously keeping your fingers crossed and hoping that this Christmas season will be “The One”? The one that makes up for the disappointing seasons of the past … the one that really pushes you over the top and makes your whole year a success?

The new retail era where logistics is both sexy and essential

submitted by Chris Petersen

Retail is finally waking up to the reality and value of logistics. Delivery to home, lockers, or click and collect at kiosks requires increasing precision and speed. Logistics is what makes it all happen overnight, and even within hours.