What is The Retail Digest

Brought to you by Vend POS, The Retail Digest brings together the industry’s top 100 experts, hand selected from leading retail experts around the world, to bring the best retail-centric content to the forefront.

The Retail Digest serves as as a helpful resource for retailers, experts, retail consultants, and agencies, so they can easily find useful content. On top of that, we also want the site to be a tool that can help its members gain more exposure and traffic.

How it works

Each contributor has been given a unique login. Logins are only available to our top 100 influencers. As a contributor, you’ll be able to submit articles and update your profile from your dashboard.

The first step is to complete your profile. Kindly upload an image of yourself (no logos please) and include a short bio (limit 300 characters).  For best results, please use a square image for your bio. You can also add links to your own website and social media pages. Completing this step will help you get the most out of the Retail Digest. It’ll enable other people to learn more about you and make it easier for them to find and follow you online.

We’ll also be spotlighting members from time to time, and we’ll need your profile photo and bio to be able to feature you.

Visitors and contributors alike will be able to upvote content and start discussions. Votes are limited to 10 per day.

You’ll see there are three category tabs: “What’s Hot”, “Latest”, and “Must Read”.

“What’s Hot” is determined by the number of votes an article receives. “Latest” will be based on the date and time you post an article.

Content under the “Must Read” tab will be determined by us by how actionable or insightful the article is to retailers.

What to share

While we welcome everyone, this site is mainly aimed at modern retailers, for example omni-channel fashion or electronics retailers, and specialist retail consultants and agencies, so please bear this in mind when submitting an article. All submissions should relate to retail in some way. There’s no hard and fast rule around this, we trust your expert judgement.

As the world’s best site for retail related content we need original, actionable content. Think advice and insights that will steer retailers on the path to success. Aside from that, you can share anything you like really, your own great content, or something someone else wrote that will enrich retailers. You also have the option to tag your articles with relevant topic categories.

Examples of what to share

  • retail related content
  • current or evergreen content
  • recent survey and study results
  • case studies
  • actionable advice

Examples of what not to share

  • something that doesn’t apply to retailers
  • old news
  • personal or confidential information

How to share

From your Dashboard, hit the “Share an Article” button and follow these quick steps:

  • Enter the article title.
  • Paste in the article URL.
  • Add an image – one that is indicative of the article content (note: profile images are not permitted here). For best results, please do not use an image with too much white space around the edges – the image should have a clearly defined border.
  • Add a brief excerpt (300 character limit). As your name appears in every submission, you don’t need to promote yourself in this section.
  • Click “Publish”


You can also promote your retail events, like conferences, seminars, or even webinars (provided they are live broadcasts) on The Retail Digest.  As with article submissions, events should be of benefit to retailers.  They should also take place on a specific date.

Once your event has passed, we’ll take it down for you.

To share an event just go to your Dashboard, click “Events” in the left-hand side bar, and add new.  From there it’s pretty much the same as uploading an article.

Contacting us

If you have any queries relating to this site, or to report spam, please do not hesitate to email us at