Four demands driving new levels of strategic collaboration

submitted by Chris Petersen

Retail will not be won by the best products or price. It will be won by those who collaborate to offer a better experience.

When ecommerce dominates, do you compete or collaborate?

submitted by Chris Petersen

Stop thinking about owning end to end sales and focus on collaborative solutions that customers deem as valuable.

Which Retail IT Resellers Will Escape The Pull Of Their Past?

submitted by Jim Roddy

Many retail IT VARs are increasing their recurring revenue offerings. But too many of their brethren aren’t moving fast enough. Basically, they’re in a rowboat on a river that’s pulling them towards Niagara Falls, but they aren’t paddling fast enough to break away from the current.

The Future of Retail – An ecosystem of strategic collaboration

submitted by Chris Petersen

Consumers are driving a retail renaissance requiring an ecosystem of strategic collaboration to deliver personalization locally.

15 Types of Posts That Do Extremely Well on Instagram

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

What type of content should you be posting on Instagram? That’s what this post aims to answer. Here are posts that typically do well on Instagram.

The Disruptive Future of Retail Loss Prevention

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Consumer Trends Collide with Increased Theft Opportunities. Security business as usual will not be an option. The CXX suite will demand new loss prevention solutions that do not detract from differentiated immersive brand experiences.

Alibaba one-ups Amazon by building a mall for retailers!

submitted by Chris Petersen

Future of retail success is literally being created around new ways to meet consumer expectations.

Is Ecommerce Really Killing Brick and Mortar Retail? (a Q&A with Neil Saunders)

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

We found the real culprit behind the "death" of physical retail. Read our Q&A with retail analyst Neil Saunders to discover what's driving shoppers away.

7 Critical retail questions requiring new metrics and collaboration

submitted by Chris Petersen

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Retailers have always measured sales at a location. With today’s customers, how those purchases occur and flow across channels is just as important as the final sale receipt.

Welcome to Omnichannel Retail Loss Prevention

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Zones of Influence and Innovation Chains are the Future of Retail. Retail crime is multi-dimensional and increasingly its dark side thrives on the internet. By the time an offender is at the retail shelf intent on stealing a particular product, substantial online homework has taken place.