The secret sauce for increasing store conversion – ASK

submitted by Chris Petersen

All too often senior management view staff as a "cost center" instead of an asset. Investing in store managers can pay many dividends in a store's financial success, as well as making stores stand out with customers.

6 Signs You Are A Leader In Service Of Others

submitted by Kevin Graff

It still shocks me how many leaders feel they’ve more than just earned their positions. They believe they deserve their positions. They believe their teams work for them. They represent the old pyramid style of leadership structure. Someone forgot to tell them them times have changed.

On the Road to the Fully Autonomous Retail Store

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Customer First Cashierless Shopping and Self-Checkout Theft. This post summarizes the opportunities and challenges of the retail self-service global innovation journey. Primary focus is on the state of self-checkout, mobile scan-and-go adoption, and an update on global autonomous store deployments.

6 Things You Can Do To Combat Rising Minimum Wages

submitted by Kevin Graff

Across most of this country (Canada, that is) and many parts of the world, minimum wage rates are going up drastically; in many places by as much as 30%. That’s a big chunk out of anyone’s bottom line. Here are 6 solutions you can consider adopting to combat rising minimum wages.

The New Sensormatic Global Retail Shrink Index

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Coming soon, the new Sensormatic Global Shrink Index. The most comprehensive shrink survey to date from countries representing 73% of global GDP and 80% of global retail sales. Here is a sample infographic and initial view of global data.

How Did You Make Your People “Feel”?

submitted by Kevin Graff

As we prepare for our upcoming 2-Day Retail Leadership workshop, I think about the question I am continually asked about getting an entire store or region to do exactly what they are supposed to be doing with commitment and passion. There are several things critical to inspirational leadership.

Yes, that’s right…it’s YOUR job to make me WANT to come to work

submitted by Kevin Graff

How great would your workplace be if all your staff had positive attitudes, confidence, determination, and loyalty? What would it be like if they worked with meaningful purpose and provided mutual support for each other in the work place? Sounds like utopia? This is not an impossible achievement.

The Digital Future of Retail Simplified

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Not too long ago, many including myself were forecasting major consumer changes for the year 2020. That magical year is just around the corner and it is now time to simplify the digital future of retail.

What is the Leadership Void?

submitted by Kevin Graff

We’re really good at managing. But, there’s a lack of Leadership in most stores, territories and even senior management. Leading, not managing, is what’s needed to get sustainable results. Yet rarely do retailers provide the Leadership training needed to their DMs, stores and even VPs.

Will the owner of this training program please stand up?

submitted by Kevin Graff

If you believe in the training you have in place but aren’t getting the results you should, the answer lies in your Leadership. Will the rightful OWNER finally stand up! We’re here to help as always, so we invite you to join us at our Retail Leadership Summit in April!