How to Prevent and Handle Robberies and Theft in Retail

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Are you equipped to handle retail theft and robberies? These things can happen unexpectedly. Here's how to ensure you don't get caught off guard.

‘Brick mining’: Why a need for data led Fabletics to open stores

submitted by Laura Heller

There's a good lesson here on new ways to use stores to drive business across channels.

4 Inventory Metrics You Should Track (and How to Do It)

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

If you're not tracking your inventory numbers, you're losing money. Here are the top inventory metrics retailers should know — and how to measure them.

Without Critical Thinking, Your Business Will Start Sinking

submitted by Jim Roddy

If I was limited to teach just one business concept to my organization, I’d choose Critical Thinking. Critical Thinking helps you in every situation – hiring, employee management, conflict resolution, customer service, strategic planning, and even choosing what to serve at the annual holiday party.

Hiring Retail Sales Associates and Managers? Here’s How to Get It Exactly Right

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Hiring for your retail store? These tips and templates will ensure you find the best person for the job.

After 30 Years in Retail, Here’s What I Know For Sure

submitted by Kevin Graff

Team Graff Spotlight: Mary
As we busy ourselves with all the prep for RCC’s STORE Conference, I found myself going down memory lane, back to the first STORE Conference I ever attended. That’s when I did the math and realized, this is my 30th anniversary of working in the retail industry!

The Asia Digital Retail Technology Revolution

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

This past week had to pleasure of speaking at the Retail Risk Conference in Singapore. The customized presentation was an opportunity to reassess the state of Asia in the global retail economy. A great retail future ahead.

8 Important Lessons Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Can Pick Up From Ecommerce

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Some brick-and-mortar merchants see ecommerce as the force that’s grabbing market share and taking customers away from offline stores. We don’t think this is the case. The way we see it, physical and digital retail aren’t rivals — they’re allies.

Want to Create Amazing Customer Experiences? Learn From These 4 Homeware Stores

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

In this post, we tackle the successful strategies of some of the world’s top retailers and offer actionable tips that you can apply in your own business.

It’s Frustrating Out There

submitted by Kevin Graff

I’ve always loved the entire experience of looking around a store, discovering new products and feeling like a VIP while a sales associate passionately shows me great brands that would fit me and my lifestyle well. Unfortunately, this time around I was not feeling the love.