Urban Decay Adds Some Glitz To Mobile Search

Cosmetics, by nature, are highly visual and have a variety of subtle characteristics. So sifting through hundreds or even thousands of products is daunting.

Learn how Urban Decay is improving the mobile search experience to help customers find products faster.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Thanks John for not only sharing your ovbersations but also your frustrations. Your candor is an inspiration for all of us and the mark of a true leader. Keep up the great work!! It’s like you say don’t get bogged down, just pick one and start the process. Larry WieberdinkStealth Red Eagles

  2. http://www.torontolimodepot.com/ says:

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I understand what you are saying except for one thing. Since it's a ranked scale, a subject rated 4 is not twice as attractive as a subject rated 2. In that respect, it is not like weight where we can say that someone who weighs 200 lbs is twice as heavy as someone who weighs 100 lbs.

  3. fovissste prestamos hipotecarios says:

    with meeting weighins? Your tracking systems that are automated systems at meetings can link w the website so you know we are "legit". Also and more important… the pocket calculator is flimsily made. Fine. You fix that and make them more hardy then you will charge us even MORE. Please make sure we get our 6 bucks back in a trade-in. Thanks

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