Modern Shoppers: What Makes Them Tick and How to Win Them Over

Achieving retail success isn’t just about rolling with the changes, it’s also about preserving the things that customers love. In this post, we take a deeper look at both the changes and constants surrounding modern consumers and offer recommendations on how to stay competitive.

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    Hi Larry – thanks for asking about the BlackBerry app! We’re looking at adding it to other storefronts or linking from in the not too distant future. So, it should be available outside of App World before long. Stay tuned….

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    I’ll stick with vanilla for a while, thanks, just to learn the game as-is. Though I do already wish for a slightly greater variety of creatures (friendly, neutral and hostile) and resources. Maybe I’ve been unlucky or just not determined enough because running through miles of lookalike caves and tunnels tends to bore me, but I haven’t had luck yet with finding anything beyond iron, or anything else of interest beyond two monster spawners.

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