10 Tips For Better Retail Content Promotion

You’ve spent a significant amount of time and money creating great retail content, and probably even more distributing it.  But as you well know, there’s more to content promotion than simply getting it out there and hoping for the best.  Shake up your promotion routine with our top 10 tips for sharing your retail content more effectively.

1. Listen and Research

Examine your content from time to time to determine whether it actually serves your readers. Do thorough research on the typical problems your audience encounters, and set about answering their major issues. Engage your followers on social media and listen to their feedback. Look at trending and long-term keywords to get an idea of your focus areas.

2. Have a Plan

Create a promotional routine with short, medium, and long-term goals. Retail content marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it game. You need to adjust your content marketing over time to adapt to different demands from your audience, topical trends, and other influences like competing medias.

3. Write a Series

Don’t stop at a single article on a complex or fascinating topic. Make it a 4-part article series, or an ongoing column to properly service your audience’s needs. You’ll build reader loyalty by giving them content to look forward to. One of our contributors, Tony D’Onofrio, did this well with his recent two-part series on the 2015 top 10 retail technology predictions.

4. Connect with Fellow Influencers

Effective content marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Connect with fellow influencers within your niche, talk to them about the state of your industry, and pay attention to other retail experts to see what they’re saying. Look for interesting statistics and insights to incorporate into your own content. And don’t be shy, ask for a quotes from other credible sources to back up your opinions.

5. The Social Media Cocktail Party

No doubt you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule – well this applies to social networks too.  Don’t simply use your social media channels for promotion, in fact you should be sharing non-promotional content about 80% of the time.  In addition to sharing your own articles, use The Retail Digest to find and share content from other great retail influencers.

6. Use Data to Your Advantage

Not all times of day are created equal. Put your data analytics to use to figure out the best time of day, week, and year to promote your content. If your main audience is stuck at work all day, wait until after rush hour to push your content hard.

7. Expand Your Sphere of Influence

Don’t limit yourself to the same major social networks and media sites everyone else is using in retail. Seek out niche communities and sites related to your industry, that are more receptive to the content you have to offer.  The Retail Digest is a great example.  Sharing your content here will get it in front of clever retailers, specialised consultants and like-minded retail experts. LinkedIn groups like Retail Industry Professionals Worldwide, and retail-centric Google+ communities are also great niches to tap in to – aim for top contributor status.

8. Repurpose Your Blog Content

You’ve got a great article, why not  put it to work in other forms? Your target demographic don’t all congregate around one or two websites. They’re spread across multiple channels, so reformatting your blog post information into tweets, white papers, webinars, and other formats, helps you expand your overall reach.  If you have a great idea for a retail webinar drop us a line at contact@theretaildigest.com, we’re always looking for experts to collaborate with.

9. Make your Content Easy to Share

Have a particularly interesting sentence, quote or statistic? Utilize plugins and social media publishing tools such as Click-to-Tweet to add easy to tweet snippets into your content. Not only does it make sharing simple for your  reader, but you’ll also be giving your audience the gift of lots of great content for their own twitter feed

10. Promote Evergreen Content

Not all of your content has an expiration date. Don’t forget your evergreen content when you create your retail content promotional routine. You created this content to have a long shelf life for a reason, so cut down on your creation costs and focus on content marketing.

Your retail content is a major resource. Make sure you have a solid promotional plan in mind, and look beyond your own content walls at what other influencers are doing.

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