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Spring Has Sprung – Time for Spring Training!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Everyone knows how satisfying it is to do spring cleaning around the house; the same can be true about spring training for retailers! The winter blahs are over and it's time to get the cobwebs out and get back to the basics. Here are some Spring Training Tips you can start working on right away.

Your Sales Plan Is A Curse

submitted by Kevin Graff

Every quarter they arrive like clockwork. Your sales plan for each month and week. Descending from upon high, they become the gospel upon which schedules, incentives and more are based upon. What you need to know is that more often than not, these sales plans curse you to a life of complacency...

Are You Socially Successful?

submitted by Kevin Graff

The link between the retail sector and social media cannot be denied. No matter what stage you're at with your social efforts, customers and employees choose social as their media of choice...so build it into your success strategy! Now think: socially speaking, what are you doing?

Retail Staff Must Read: Team Shares Top Lessons, Takeaways From “Raving Fans”

submitted by Jim Roddy

As part of a company's professional development program, I recently discussed with their staff the customer service classic "Raving Fans" by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. I'm happy to share the group's four "golden nuggets" with you.

Complain. Complain. UNDERSTAND!

submitted by Kevin Graff

Why is it that when it comes to our front line staff, we spend more time pushing information and even less time listening?
Shouldn't we understand our staff as well as we understand our customers if we want to engage them?
Shouldn't we spend more time asking THEM questions?

Retail IT Provider CEO Email: How Do I Create A Candid Organization?

submitted by Jim Roddy

Here’s an email exchange I had recently with the CEO of a retail IT solution provider about creating a culture of candor in his organization. To protect their privacy, all names have been omitted (except mine) and minor edits were made to the text. But other than that, this is the unvarnished truth.

Profits Are Hiding in Plain Sight!

submitted by Shah Karim

Profits seem to hiding in plain sight - even in the Gulf. To find them, management has to heed the call for tough actions during tough times. At times like these, businesses have to embrace decisions based on hard facts, and take actions grounded in reality.

Reflective Moments that Change Your Life

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

An Endless Curiosity Adventure in Florence and why it is the Secret to Success.

Don’t be a Heartbreaker.

submitted by Kevin Graff

Valentine’s Day just passed us by and it got me thinking about what makes for a good and/or bad Valentine’s Day. From this, my thoughts drifted to what makes for a good and/or bad retail experience. Good and not so good experiences typically come down to the people involved in said experiences.

5 Key distributor opportunities in an omnichannel world

submitted by Chris Petersen

Why this is important: In order to survive and thrive, retailers are transforming to omnichannel. That will require new capabilities from distributors to in order to meet consumer expectations of more product choice and delivery on their terms.