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Flying Past Middle Age Loyalty Programs Anxiety

submitted by Tony D'Onofrio

Thirty five years later, it's interesting to contrast the evolution and current state of loyalty programs in both the airline and retail industries. What's the future of loyalty programs?

3 Surefire ways to tell if a retail store is “omnichannel”

submitted by Chris Petersen

Today's omnichannel consumers are very clear about they want … they want it their way! Retailers who can tangibly provide integrated omnichannel engagement attract customers looking for a better experience.

Do You Really Hold Your District Managers Accountable?

submitted by Kevin Graff

In the retail sector, we’re pretty good about holding our store managers accountable. We crank out all kinds of objectives and measurements to make sure that each location can ‘hold its own’ as a separate business unit. But are we just as diligent in holding District Managers accountable?

Retail Roundup: 10 Industry Experts Share Their Best Advice About Replacing Legacy Retail Systems

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Looking to replace your legacy retail software? Here are 10 expert-backed tips for moving to a new retail management system.

Prepping for Christmas: 8 Things You Should Do Right Now to Ensure a Successful Holiday Season

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Looking to ramp up your holiday planning? Here are 8 action steps to get you started.

5 Ways Retailers are Leaving Money on the Table

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

Stop letting valuable sales opportunities pass you by. This post explores the ways you're leaving money on the table and how to prevent them.

Retail Advice from Real Merchants: What 7 Storeowners Wish They Had Known When They Started Out

submitted by Francesca Nicasio

We asked a handful of storeowners to share the best piece of retail advice they'd like to impart to others. Check out their words of wisdom in this post.

5 Ways Omnichannel is destroying the auto “retail store”

submitted by Chris Petersen

Omnichannel is driven by changing consumer behavior patterns, and how they disrupt every facet of traditional retailing. Woe be it to stores that don't realize that omnichannel is the new normal, even for car purchases.

Does Your Approach To Training Have The Human Touch?

submitted by Kevin Graff

Remember that people are more prepared to give a great performance if they feel valued, invested in and purposeful. The only way to deliver that feeling to people is through the human touch. Have you lost the human touch when it comes to training your frontline teams?

Who Have You Touched, Moved or Inspired Today?

submitted by Kevin Graff

The title of this blog is actually contained in my signature line on my emails. When I put that addition into my signature line, I wasn’t expecting to move mountains or create a lot of discussion. But, I’ve had more than a few comments come back my way related to it.